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Kathy Wickline, CSA

Wickline Casting

Jim Cravero is one of the best producers I’ve worked with in this industry. His ability to put talent at ease is such an important virtue that is very much needed.  A relaxed artist can perform their best. Jim goes above and beyond to make this happen. 

Many talent have commented on having a great experience when working with Jim. His level of professionalism and turnaround time far exceeds their expectations.  He can master perfectly, like the GRAMMY winner he is! 

Natalie Paige Bentley

NPB Entertainment Group

I have worked with Jim for several years on multiple artistic endeavors. Albums, countless demos, solo tracks, live piano recordings, as well as sound design for film productions with Jim. He  has not only enhanced my creative work but more importantly, pushed me beyond any self-imposed limitations allowing for the evolution of my artistry.

Grover Silcox, Host/Producer

"Counter Culture"


Jim Cravero offers everything an artist wants in a record producer from technical know-how to a keen and caring sensitivity for the material being recorded. I've worked with Jim on myriad projects, including his Grammy winning album--"All About Bullies--Big and Small," and have enjoyed and profited from each and every project.  He's simply a great guy, a seasoned pro, who can help musicians, vocalists, speakers, educators and every kind of voice artist get remarkable results .

Michelle Niedermeier

Penn State University Community IPM and Environmental Health Program

Our program developed an online training but needed to have a professional voiceover and master made. We were referred to Jim by a Philadelphia casting office for the taping of the voiceover and final details. Jim and Maureen responded quickly to our questions, were easy to work with, met our budget and deadline, and the final product was beyond our expectations. I highly recommend and will use them again for future projects.

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